Who We've Worked With
What Makes Us Different?
What We Do:

We build valuable customer experiences that facilitate exchanges and enable innovation. In order for companies to succeed in the next generation of business, we help them look beyond awareness campaigns and towards more holistic digital engagement strategies.

As enterprise web architects our best works comes when we’re able to close the gap between business and technology “silos” and take a holistic view of business strategy, processes, technology and marketing assets. Our approach allows us to ensure both IT and marketing are aligned in order to achieve future business goals in an efficient, agile and sustainable way.

Why We Do It:

Our people are everything. We work hard and play hard too... any given evening you might find our team bowling at the Ballroom, playing in our slow-pitch league, gasping for air at a Cross fit class, or having a beer at a local Liberty Village pub.

We’ve found that there are three things that matter to our employees: the people they work with, personal growth, and the opportunity to try new things. By continuing to provide our employees with solid team members, the opportunity to grow, and awesome client work, we’ve been able to make Climax a great place to work. In turn, our employees produce incredible work that they’re proud of, and of course, work that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Who We Do With It:

Since inception, Climax has strived to become the perfect agency partner. With the tenure of an agency veteran and a youthful spirit, we aim to partner with companies that have a long-term vision, care about their employees and clients, and are excited about producing solid work and experiences.

Regardless of technical, strategic and creative requirements, what makes an awesome project is the people working on client side and internally. Of course, it helps that we’ve worked on everything from single page Wordpress sites to multisided platforms with custom e-commerce stores and content management systems. Climax is the perfect blend of old school work ethic and new school creativity and thought leadership.