• Elijah Vieau
    Gmail Man: Microsoft Takes Jab at Googles Privacy Policies



    Last week Microsoft launched a comedic parody video featuring Gmail Man - a "peeping tom" mailman who peers through your Gmail account and online activity in order to serve relevant advertisments. While the video is funny, Microsoft is quite serious about reclaiming their stake in the email market via Hotmail Mobile and Office 365. They've even gone as far as placing ads in major newspapers reaching out to frustrated Google users.

    Microsoft wrote on their blog, "We’re not using the contents of your mail to deliver ads, nor do we change your search results based on your email content. And because you’re not logged into Gmail, the videos you view on YouTube remain known only to you."

    To no surprise, the video was swarmed with Hotmail-bashing Google fans praising the big 'G' for better spam filtering and relevant ads, with little constructive dialogue towards privacy. Is is possible that Google users (like Macheads) tend to ignore the facts out of sheer brand loyalty? Or is this campaign nothing more than a cheap shot from a fizzling corporation who's desperate to get back on top? Either way, Google isn't too happy about all of this negative attention and is accusing Microsoft of spreading lies.

    As reported on Information Week, Google’s public policy manager, Betsy Masiello said, "No one reads your e-mail but you. Like most major e-mail providers, our computers scan messages to get rid of spam and malware, as well as show ads that are relevant to you."

    The lesser of two evils? Perhaps. The real question is would the public pay money to see employees from Google and Microsoft scrap it out in the octagon? Absolutely!



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